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So you have set up your business but are you a brand yet? If not, you could be toiling hard just to stay afloat in a hyper-competitive crowded marketplace. Been there, done that.

The many challenges that you face while trying to establish your business can be resolved by developing a strong, unique personal and business brand.

A personal brand makes you noticed for all the right reasons, reinforces your strengths and gives clients ample reasons to buy from you. It takes understanding and some work to develop your brand, but the payoff can be highly rewarding and lasting.

When You Absorb:
Personal branding is the most powerful self-marketing strategy for achieving business auccess. It differentiates you so you can stand out, get noticed and get profitable. Branding makes you more memorable. Think about how the Nike Swoosh or the McDonald’s golden arches stand out in memory even in the midst of advertising clutter.

What You Comprehend:
Branding is not about getting your target market to choose you over the competition. It is about getting your prospects to see you as the ‘”only one that provides a solution to their challenge or fills an immediate need.” Change the rules of the game, attract your audience, instead of pursuing them.

How You Can Excel:
Here are 5 proven steps to building your authentic personal brand.

Smart Tip #1: Self-Reflection
Before you start, you need to know what you’re beginning with. Take a moment and write down your top three attributes/selling points/unique strengths. If you can get a customer or client to associate three positive traits with your business, you will easily rise to the top of mind, every time.

Smart Tip #2: Continuous Improvisation.
Always stay on the cutting edge. You can seek out a Business Coach who can advise you. If you are looking for support, get in touch with Murali to identify your niche and evolve your brand.

Smart Tip #3: Consistent Marketing Strategy
Everything you do, or choose not to do, can communicate the value of your brand. The landing pages and flyers you format; the websites you create; the words you speak; the way your brand conducts itself in the industry… everything matters.

Smart Tip #4: Build Relationships
Constantly build a strong network. Keep in good contact with your network and always make sure your network knows of any recent successes. Search out new professional associations or online communities to add to your network. Find opportunities to weave your personal mission/vision statements into conversation with your network.

Smart Tip #5: Follow-Up
Building your brand is a constant endeavour and should continue to evolve throughout your business journey. Good follow-up with your audiences will create a positive association with your brand. And always keep you top of mind and close to heart.

Your Evolving Brand
Remember, a successful personal brand is not about pretending to be something you are not. It is about demonstrating your unique value to prospective clients and getting recognized, chosen and rewarded for it. There is only one unique you in the entire world. Now let the world know that!

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