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We at MCS, from the President to each and every Team Member, believe that our company grows with one satisfied customer at a time. We know that the only way for us to expand is to provide professional services that contribute to the long-term growth plan of your establishment. After all, without you we’d have nothing to do. With this in mind, we take great pride in our client centric business module and make it our utmost goal to consistently provide you with professional contracting services and attentive customer service that are well beyond your expectations


Here an overview of the services we provide.

Your establishment’s physical appearance mirrors the quality of the products and services you provide.

Plumbing / HVAC

MCS's Licensed Plumbers use the latest technology to diagnose and repair your Plumbing problem with minimal interference to your business. We offer a customized range of supplies and services that fit your plumbing needs. Our Team is proficiently trained to provide professional repair, design, and installation services for Drains, Toilets, Faucet and Irrigation Systems.


The ESA has reported that there has been a 40% drop in electrical related deaths in the last 5 years (2013). This is amazing news, but unfortunately, there is still electrical related death occurring in the workplace. The major contributors to this is that there are trades people making poor choices by cutting corners in order to complete jobs within a certain timeframe and budget. This unsafe practice needs not be minimized, but stopped entirely.


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